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How to Skip The Lines At Disney World Orlando

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Long Lines at Walt Disney World 2019

Long lines at Disney World is the classic joy-suck of this world-renowned theme park. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to “hack” these lines and maximize enjoyment on your trip. These five ways to avoid long lines at Disney World Orlando are little-known, but deeply under-utilized, so read on and find out how to put them into practice.


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1. Book Your FastPass+ Reservations Early

Walt Disney World offers FastPass+ for all theme park ticketholders, a service that allows you to access attractions in advance. The best way to take advantage of this is to make your FastPass+ reservations a month before your visit, which is a newer feature within Disney. This ensures you a seat at your favorite attractions well ahead of your trip.


Disney World Theme Park Tickets

2. Utilize Unpopular Times For Rides and Performances

Disney’s live entertainment offerings primarily occur in the evenings. As a result, many people get in line for rides during the day and watch the performances at night. To take advantage of slow times for popular rides, go to the rides during nights. Then, plan for entertainment attendance at the end of your trip as early in the day as your schedule will allow.

Utilize Unpopular Times For Rides

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3. Travel To Disney Outside Of Peak Seasons

Just like other popular vacation destinations, Disney World parks experience peak seasons. The times Disney is most packed include Christmas vacation through the turn of the year, spring break, summer months (especially July 4th), and weekends. To maximize ride availability and mobility across parks, it is ideal to go during August through October, late January through February, and to generally avoid holidays.

Utilize Unpopular Times For Rides

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4. Get Active Early In The Day>

Another age-old tip that always works for vacation planning is showing up early. Disney World park hours vary due to multiple factors, but most parks open around 8 or 9 a.m. During this time, many people are still getting breakfast or sleeping in. Heading straight to the most popular rides, such as the Matterhorn and Indiana Jones, as soon as parks open significantly increases the odds of shorter lines.
You’ll notice that some people are thinking along the same lines as you, and as a result, you may not always be the first in line. However, most rides can handle 30 to 50 people per session, so as long as you show up early, you’ll rarely have to wait longer than a minute or two.

Get Active Early In The Day

Disney World Theme Park Tickets

5. Plan Specific Trip Components Ahead Of Time

Last but never least, do some Disney research ahead of time and strategically plan portions of your trip. Dozens of Disney-specific and non-branded vacation planning websites abound, so it’s useful to browse social media and forums to find a site that appeals directly to your tastes.

Many of these sites feature overlooked discount offers, updated schedule hacks, in-park money saving tips, and dining guides. Accordingly, it’s beneficial to set aside a few hours and read through as much information as you can act on, at least a month before your trip.

If these sites reveal an attraction that is about to open or a new trend across an entire park, use this information to avoid getting stuck in a headache-inducing long line. If a particular restaurant is hard to get reservations for, book the best parts of your trip irrespective of this restaurant and try to snag an opening when crowds are less likely.

Even if you only use one or two of these tips, they are sure to maximize the amount of fun you’ll have on your vacation by minimizing setbacks and the unexpected. Remember to document what works as well as what doesn’t for your specific trip, so every subsequent trip you take is insulated against the hectic schedules and sheer popularity of Disney. Happy vacationing!

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