Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

The Top 10 Attractions

Best SeaWorld Attractions

This is a huge theme of the park dedicated to the Sea World and its inhabitants, with various attractions, rides, and entertainment programs. After visiting this park, your idea of the sea and marine life will change forever. This is the only place on earth where the magic of the sea and the sky comes to life and gives you an exciting and unforgettable experience for many years. SeaWorld Orlando is a world of endless fun and adventures, amazing roller coasters and different rides for absolutely every taste and age!

There are many aquariums in the park with penguins, dolphins and fur seals. One with the sharks has a moving track inside, so visitors can move around and watch swimming sharks. In the park, there is even a pool with sting rays where you can touch them with your hands. Artificial reef with tropical fishes and a pool with turtles and crocodiles are there too.


In the park, you will find the performance with elements of ballet and acrobatics in the style of “Cirque du Soleil” in the Nautilus Theater. An awesome experience you will get after visiting a two-tier Wild Arctic aquarium, where visitors can walk along the “snowy plain” and watch the animals of the Arctic (polar bears, walruses, etc.) One of the most popular performances in the park is the show with huge whales, held at the big water stadium – Shamu Stadium.

The Top 10 Attractions

Best SeaWorld rides and experiences


List of the most visited attractions – INFINITY FALLS. It will be a real surprise for you. The whole family can enjoy it. This is the newest attraction in the SeaWorld. It definitely will not leave you indifferent. Have you ever rafted down a mountain river? Not yet?! Then INFINITY FALLS is absolutely for you!

This attraction is worth to visit!

SeaWorld's Infinity Falls

#2. MAKO

If you think that you have already tried everything in the world and there is nothing to surprise you with. Then you are in the first row of the Mako attraction! Mako accelerates to 73 mph and rises to 200 ft.

SeaWorld's Mako


KRAKEN is the name of the sea monster. This terrific ride will lift you by 153ft and accelerate you to 65mph, it is 4,177ft long while driving it makes a lot of loops.

SeaWorld Kraken


MANTA repeats the movements of the ramp and moves as fast as the real ramp does!

SeaWorld Manta


JOURNEY to ATLANTIS will send you to the most mysterious place – Atlantis. Many people dream about visiting it and you will be able to visit this magic place.

SeaWorld Atlantis


TURTLE TREK is an amazing journey into the world of these lovely creations, a large number of different kinds of turtles are presented there and what’s even more incredible their habitat is recreated!

SeaWorld Turtle Trek


WILD ARCTIC is one of the most interesting places in the SeaWorld. You will find yourself in Antarctica, where you can see penguins in the snow, see how they are being fed, how they are taking care of their babies and much more.

SeaWorld Wild Arctic


SKY TOWER. It’s an observation deck, a restaurant, and an attraction. All together. It will offer you excellent views of the park and downtown Orlando. The height is 400 ft, the entrance is 5 $.

SeaWorld Sky-Tower


Discovery Cove is the perfect spot for families to become one with nature. Here are 5 reasons to visit Discovery Cove: Swim with the Dolphins, Animal Trek, The Grand Reef, and Explorer’s Aviary.

SeaWorld Discovery Cove
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